Maserati “People of Passion”

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In 2017 EP developed a new platform for Maserati which allowed the brand to truly live out its core value – “Passion Through Excellence”. EP created a partnership between Maserati and a local non-profit called Generation HOPE, which is dedicated to building classrooms around the Philippines, allowing children access to proper learning facilities. Through the program “People of Passion”, Maserati’s message of living a life of excellence and passion was amplified by helping address a basic yet marginalized need – education.

Through “People of Passion”, Maserati x Generation HOPE was able to further raise awareness for the issue of classroom deficit, as well as help raise funds to assist HOPE in its advocacy through on-ground events, online activities, and an auction. In 2018 the building of HOPE classrooms supported by Maserati commenced along with the evolution of the “People of Passion” program.