GermBusters Branding and Website

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GermBusters was one of the newest custodial service providers that emerged in the second quarter of 2018. They offer professional cleaning services combined with innovative technology which immediately sets them apart from other competitors. They had everything they needed to own the market — all we needed to do was put it in writing and make it happen.

EP developed a brand book to ensure that GermBusters’ distinctiveness remained consistent and clear. It housed everything they needed to remember in terms of visual and verbal identity, using pops of color that showcased their values of being Professional. Excellent. Collaborative. This was kept in mind in the production of the brand’s website. In order to continually offer excellent service to clients, the site had to be simple to understand and allow customers to navigate through the brand’s offerings. This resulted in a simple yet interactive design that, like GermBusters, puts customer experience first.

View the website here